Co-living has become a key component of the wider suite of housing solutions and developers & operators in the US have continued to evaluate and source new sites since the pandemic began

At QIP, the co-living sector is a growing market that our team utilizes expertise to create value investments. Our strict selection of countercyclical assets are all designed to generate attractive returns while reducing market risk, and the co-living sector is a prime example of this. Doing away with the extra costs and headaches associated with renting an entire property and gaining immediate access to like-minded social circles makes co-living an attractive option for young professionals in traditionally expensive cities. Not to mention, co-living gives a purpose-built solution that meets the unique needs of many renters and is up to 30 percent cheaper than traditional accommodation options.

Co-living is often described as an ‘experience’ or ‘movement’, traits that can be boiled down to the foundation of community. While most housing models prioritize factors such as efficiency, sustainability, or social interaction, co-living focuses on all of these in equal capacity. Technology and cloud-based access control deliver the materials required to create and sustain this sense of belonging from the very start. What makes coliving an appealing industry to invest in is its ‘back-to-the-roots approach, a response to commercialised living. Co-living allows us to address what concerns consumers – and humans – at their core, that longing for belonging and fostering an innate social drive that defines the social character of humankind.

Co-living is still evolving as an asset, but according to Cushman Wakefield, there is a current inventory of nearly 8000 institutionally operated beds in the US alone. This is soon to be followed by the significant pipeline of roughly 54,000 beds, which are in various stages of evaluation and development. Because of the growing popularity of this asset class, institutional interest has been piqued.

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